Whoop whoop!! I've finished the other half of my Easy Bricks quilt :)
*Please excuse the dark, crappy pictures; it's late and I had no helper!!*

Let me backtrack for new readers (or those that have forgotten!)... I made the lovely Easy Bricks quilt by Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter, you can see the finished quilt top here. Despite loving it I realised it was just too big and one became two when I chopped it in half!

I finished the first 'half quilt' last week and now I've finished the second:

If you look really closely you can see the quilting on the back (it isn't really this dark, the picture is terrible)! I quilted it from the wrong side, tracing round some of the shapes in the fabric so the front looks like stars/squiggles/nice patterns. It's slightly odd looking but I like it and the quilt feels SO nice. The stitch length is by no means perfect (ha! not even close) but I enjoyed my first attempt at something other than straight lines:

Presenting the two half quilts...

On the left, 'half quilt ONE': straight line quilting, pieced backing, cute flowery binding.

On the right, 'half quilt TWO': traced quilting, bright backing, dotty binding.

So, what do you think?? Which one shall I keep to give my daughter and which one shall I donate? Wanna vote? Oh go on! There's a little poll on the bottom of the right column... vote for the keeper :)

p.s. This is for our amusement only, the poll will not be the final say ;)
p.p.s. Oh my!! :) That's me exciting and grinning at my 51 followers! Thank you lovely folks :)
I'll make a little promise now to save some pennies to buy a nice treat for a giveaway once I hit 100!