I'm feeling pretty proud of myself! I recently won two giveaways and was totally thrilled - there are so many gorgeous fabrics out there to chose from and I was uummming and aaahhhing as to what I might like. Then common sense took over, yes there are lots of pretty fabrics that I would use someday but have you seen my list of things I want to make?!! I needed to buy fabrics that I would use NOW.

My first win was from the very talented Becky at The Barefoot Seamstress, a great blogger and she has lots of useful and pretty tutorials (she's has the easy tutorial for blog headers amongst others!). I won a $25 gift card to Stitch Steals, they have amazing bargains everyday!

I decided to be uber practical and ordered some really cute flannel to use as a backing for quilts - I love using flannel and I couldn't resist the thought of using some for my nieces quilts.

My luck continued and I won another giveaway from the lovely Carla at Sew It Up Baby, I only recently found her blog and she is one busy lady! Go and check out her colourful blog :)
I won a $25 gift card to Above All Fabric.

They have some great lines and fantastic kits and I was really tempted by the Timeless Treasures Fruit Punch Fat Quarter bundle but in the end decided to follow my plan and think about my neices, so I chose some Terrain by Kate Spain - I think the bright colours would be perfect for growing girly girls!

I'll be using these fabrics for Christmas presents so of course I'm linking up to Rainbow Hare Quilts:


I haven't finished anything off my list so now I MUST get to work on some actual sewing!!