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I didn't link up to TTT with making rebecca lynne yesterday because if was a very sad day for me personally. I so love the concept though and her idea this week of a pouch-along is fantastic! I'm linking up a day late (better than never!!).

For me I'm still thinking what to do with these beauties that arrived from the lovely Barb at Bejewelled Quilts:

All the thinking about applique started me off on yet another project. My step-dad is retiring in a couple of weeks so I decided to make him a gold watch!! A quilted mug rug version obviously :)
I've just cut out some of the pieces:

So on to the free motion quilting or experiment number one. I realise now that I'm going to have to find some solid fabric so you can see the results better but I just used up some of this left over sheet I had lying around, I apologise for my thriftiness! I decided to try using the feed dog cover I found the other day:

Not too shabby but wait:

The back looks horrible!!! It started off ok but then I could not for the life of me get the tension right and the whole process was driving me bonkers. I'm sure with time I could have got it right but I don't have that much. So I took the bloomin' thing off. This time I got a bit bored of the waves and started outlining and doing patterns of my own:

That's when it dawned on me that I'm not so good at following instructions and I decided just to make my own waves rather than copying the video exactly:

It looks more like worms (all that playdough is seeping into my brain!!) or the pattern in the sand left by waves but, whatever, I kind of like it and the stitches and tension seem much better to me. I had fun trying! I need to work on getting the waves more 'wavy' and less 'wriggly'!!

I'm love rain and raindrops so I'm excited to have a go for next Friday! Check it out at Fluffy Sheep Quilting