I got so distracted by finishing my quilt I forgot to say that I won a giveaway the other day!

The wonderful Sheila at Blue Patch Quilter gave away some lovely items she made - I chose the needlecase because it's useful (I really needed one) and thought it was pretty.

Well today a little package showed up at my door and I was astounded - and not just by the lovely tartan ribbon!! This is not just a needlecase. It's so well made, it has twelve spaces for needles and it has two extra pockets the size of the case (I'm putting my sewing needlecase in there too because I keep losing the little thing!!), and it has such lovely embroidery stitch detail:

It's a huge step up from this:

I just keep opening it and looking at the needles all nicely organised!! I'm so thrilled.

And that's not all, she also included some really cute fabric that I'd like to make a pouch with to store other bits and bobs. I love the text on it and the design is adorable. Totally love. Sheila even thought of including some needles in the case - including ones for jeans! I think I'll have to get making some more denim toys :)

Thank you so much Sheila, I couldn't be happier :) I also visited Burns Cottage about 6 years ago so it's a nice reminder for me. It was a really sunny beautiful day when I went, just like the postcard!

As a coincidence when I was taking my needles out of that atrocious plastic bag I came across this:

HURRAH! I can't drop the feed dogs on my machine, and to be honest just resigned myself to the fact I would have to struggle a bit to do FMQ but this little baby slots right over them :) I'd totally forgotten I had it and just lumped it in with my needles and ignored it. Sheila may have inadvertently made my life easier in more ways than one! Win win!

You could win something too if you check out making rebecca lynne's fun giveaway!

I might just be kicking some FMQ butt now!! Off to practice...