I don't have a modern quilt, an unusual quilt, an original quilt or a quilt that requires immense talent to share with you unfortunately!! I haven't made one of those yet...

What I have is a special quilt, made with love. The first quilt I made, using lots of wonderful advice from family, reading and exploring blogs and tutorials.
I had an urge to quilt, to create, to make something pretty and practical. It was an easy pattern and I loved every minute of making it.

I gave it to my Nan, those of you who follow might have gathered how important she is to me, I wanted to give her a gift and share what I was making. She loves seeing what I'm working on and is so kind and encouraging!

Here is the quilt at her house, on proud display :)

Don't you just love that crazy vintage car lampshade?! :)

I'm linking up to the Bloggers' Quilt Festival, come and join in the fun!