Having cut all my pieces for the Dead Simple QAL, the next step was to lay them out. Here's my pattern, no sewing yet but soon!! (sorry for the late night picture)

I've not got round to sewing yet because yesterday we had a trip to the seaside. What will follow now is a lot of lovely photographs that my husband (mostly, a couple were me!!) took, if you're only interested in the sewing you can go read something else now :)

This is the lighthouse at New Brighton on the North West coast

The boy jumping into a hole in the sand!

We were lucky it was such a beautiful day. Cold and VERY windy but really sunny! There was a hilarious moment where the girl's bucket got blown away and was travelling at 100mph towards the sea, I've not run that fast ever (really why was I running?? It was a 50p bucket but not worth the upset child!!). I couldn't catch it so fabulous husband saved the day by running much faster than me and catching the escaping bucket :)

Following the fun of the beach we took the kids to the fairground and let them go on the kiddie ride, the girl's first one! They loved it and they basically laughed the whole time. So cute!

Initially I was slightly worried she wouldn't enjoy it, I think I was put off as we went in because this was the compassionate sign as you entered the ride!