I know you were all waiting with baited breath to find out the results of my poll... what, you mean you could see?? It's not a surprise??

Oh well! Thanks for all the comments, it was interesting to see what you all thought. The winner appears to be half quilt two! I had decided this would be the one I would keep when I tried something other than straight line quilting. Also the backing seems to fit my daughter's personality somehow! She turns two in November so I'll be giving it to her on her birthday if I can wait that long, although I can't give her one without making the boy one too... I MUST get the 'does not compute' quilt finished! Damn all the QAL distractions!

Also desperately wanted to create a pretty header for this here blog but don't know where to start, can't be bothered just now (way too tired tonight for computery fiddling) and I'm not even artistic!! I am really inspired by Heather over at Crafting... who has made hers so pretty. Maybe I'll get to it soon but for now bare with this whiteness ok?! I have shifted things so all the buttons etc. are on the right, I just think it was getting a bit heavy. Sometimes I try to make my blog look better and think I make it worse. If anyone has opinions or advice on blog stuff, let me know, I can take it!! I'm going to try and be as simple as possible while still joining in linky and buttony fun though :)

On to smaller and better things...
My incredible cousin in America, my inspiration, wonderful friend and greatest encourager (is that a word?!) Jackie has just started her own blog! I would love you to pay her a visit, she has amazing tales and has been quilting WAY longer (and better) than me. She's very talented, funny and I'm sure you'd appreciate her creations. Check it all out at What Sew Ever and say hi from me!!