Do you like it?? I've changed my header and my blog button (grab away!)... I was inspired by Heather at Crafting... who recently updated, so I followed her advice and used the tutorial from The Barefoot Seamstress. As I write this I've realised how much these two influenced me ;) Thank you ladies!

If you haven't tried picnik, you really should. It's so quick and easy to upload pictures and mess around with them.

I consider my blog an ongoing WIP but for the moment I'm happy with the layout now :)

I have lots and lots to do, so many projects in my mind, on lists, on the go.

My priority right now is the 'Does Not Compute' quilt because I've finished my daughters (have to give them one each at the same time!). Remember the expanding folder? I've still only managed to do 10 out of 30 blocks. EEEKKKK! Lots more of these in my future:

I want to get this finished so I can move on to Christmas projects, although I suspect it might have to coincide unless I get a serious move on!!

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced! :)