Happy Monday! Today is my son's first full day at nursery school so I'm feeling slightly lost and hoping he's having lots of fun!

To distract myself I've been blog surfing!!

I'd like to introduce you all to my lovely friend Sophie over at Dwelling On A Dime, she's recently moved to the US, has AMAZING taste, and a great eye for interiors!

Please check out her blog and if it's your kind of thing (or your just jealous of her wonderful style) please follow her so you can see what she does next! It's really well written, very witty and she would appreciate some love and support :) I know Sophie from Primary school and can't praise her enough - she encouraged me to start my blog and I am so grateful!

I'm linking up to Making Christmas at Rainbow Hare Quilts!

So here's my list of presents to make for Christmas and I haven't started any of them yet (gulp!!):

1) A purple quilt - I'm following the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along:

2) A purple and turquoise quilt - this will be the palette for my Dead Simple Quilt Along (pictures and more on that soon!)
3) A baby quilt for my friend's son
4) A red Christmas dress for the little girl!

5) At least two stuffed toys
6) 2 pouches
7) Oven gloves
8) and maybe a quilt for me! :)