I don't really like Monday, except when I finish a quilt!!

As I think it's rather modern I'm linking up to Sew Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations.

This is for my pregnant friend, I was going for unisex and I hope this will be ok! The quilt is based on Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter's pattern Simple Stripes Quilt. It turned out I didn't actually have enough fabric to make the whole quilt so I used six of the blocks and made some borders. I think it looks ok though!

The finished quilt is 36x46". I added an inner border 3.23" wide and used 28 6x6" squares round the edge for the outer border, I did need to trim my corners and they didn't match up perfectly but I wanted to use those cute rabbits in kimonos!!

I love the brightness and the fun fabrics of this quilt, I was also glad to get away from all the pink I've been using!

I backed it using a lovely dotty flannel, which is really soft and goes well with the top:

I quilted it really simply on the diagonal. There's so much going on I didn't think it could stand any of my fmq practice!!

I ran outside in between drizzle to get these pictures and, of course, my daughter followed and wanted to point out all the pictures she liked on the quilt:

Although I'm pleased with the quilting I'm still not sure the easiest way to do lines like this. I have a walking foot guide thingy but there's NO WAY that thing wouldn't jiggle all over the place - how do you stop them from moving?? Here's what I did:

I had to strap that sucker down to stop it from sliding around!! If I was a perfectionist this wouldn't work but thankfully I'm not (ok, not always!) and it did the job well enough for me.

Any tips please let me know... (I'm incredibly impatient so I can't be bothered marking etc, just wondering if people use these guides and how they get them to work?!!)

I'm also linking up to Making Christmas over at Rainbow Hare Quilts, I'm giving it to my friend on Wednesday although the baby is due in December and it's one more project crossed off my list!