σ …“I am ready to celebrate!

Recently I had a giveaway on instagram as part of the missing market event, while cutting fabric for the giveaway it seemed smart to double up. I know not everyone has an ig account and it's nice to spread the fabric love.

I am giving away 100+ charm squares of solid fabric - that's about 2 meters of fabric! A gorgeous array of rainbow colours in ready to sew 5" squares! Use them to make a quilt, separate them to use in a bunch of smaller projects, whatever you like!

And why am I celebrating you might ask?! Well my Nan (Grandmother) will turn 100 this week. She is the strongest, most incredible woman and has been my biggest supporter and best friend. When things got tough or I needed a break I used to go and stay with her, we would stay up late doing embroidery and chatting. I have learnt so much from her and know her stories inside out. At the beginning of the year she went to live in a care home so no more sleepovers but even being near her soothes my soul. I hope to take some pictures over the weekend so follow me on instagram if you'd like to see that card from the Queen! I just found out that the tradition of Royal messages for those extra special birthdays and wedding anniversaries began in 1917, a year before my Nan was born.

If you would like to win over 100 charm squares just leave a comment below, if you are stuck for something to write then let me know which colour makes you feel happy!

The giveaway is open worldwide, please make sure I have a way to contact you (if you're not sure leave your email/instagram in the comment) and the winner will be chosen on Monday 4th June. 

The winner is:

Congratulations Barbara!