rose gold fabric paper folder with kam snap for quilting epp pieces

This little folder / organiser fulfils the need I have to store basted English Paper Piecing shapes. When I am working on a project I tend to baste a few blocks so they are ready to sew. It was getting a bit much having pieces in lots of plastic bags and I prefer to have things in one place. I bought this gorgeous rose gold fabric paper recently and decided to use it.

handmade rose gold fabric paper folder

Rather than make something overly complicated, I kept the construction really simple. With four different pocket sections, that are staggered for easy access, the folder keeps the pieces separated and is large enough to store the blocks once they are complete. I'm currently working on 6" blocks that I designed but it also fits ice cream soda quilt blocks and mischief blocks so I can use it hold those pieces and blocks too!

rose gold fabric paper folder handmade with divided sections for epp

I've used this type of material before, I made my husband his favourite card holder wallet - the tutorial is HERE - and made brilliant scissor cases, which I plan on sharing soon! 
This project required strong thread because of the layers and to withstand me rummaging through the sections. I used Aurifil Forty3 with 50 weight in the bobbin and it's worked perfectly! There were no thread problems at all, I used a size 14 needle and a 2.4 (or maybe a 2.2, can't quite remember!) stitch length.

One of the great things about this fabric paper is it's washable - you are supposed to wash it BEFORE you sew but I didn't - once the folder was finished it felt a little stiff so I chucked it in the washing machine.

rose gold fabric paper folder handmade washable

Washing gives it a lovely crinkly look and definitely softens it slightly. It feels like card not fabric and I wanted that strength to keep my pieces safe. I like it even more after washing, the rose gold sheen is so beautiful!! These pictures were taken later in the day but show the texture nicely.

rose gold fabric paper folder handmade vegan leather

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it suits my needs perfectly. I have a couple of finished blocks and more pieces ready to sew. It is nice having a pretty rosy case and it's simplicity makes me happy. 
How do you store your epp pieces and keep your blocks organised? Let me know in a comment.

rose gold fabric paper folder handmade with divided sections for epp sewing