I'm taking a slight detour from my usual posts here but I hope you'll stay with me because it's so worth it!

cheesy pose - no where near as beautiful as the arty shots on the Aurifil website!

I have used lots of other cottons but nothing beats Aurifil 50 wt thread. I use it for piecing, to be honest I prefer to quilt with Aurifil 40 wt but that's my personal preference. Aurifil is fabulous to sew with, I'm sure you've all heard other Blogger's rave about it and you probably love it yourself. Aurifil 50 wt is a thin, sheeny, strong cotton and I can't get enough.

Today though I'm talking about using it for something else, THREADING!!

I may have mentioned to some of you before, although it's not something I go around proclaiming (until now) but this is the easiest form of hair removal there is. It is perfect for those pesky chin hairs, facial hair and eyebrows (although I suggest you get the hang of it first lest you end up like Vanilla Ice!)

If you are already sewing with Aurifil, take a break, grab some thread and get hairless. I regularly de-hair my face whilst waiting for blog pics to upload, after a gruelling chain piecing session or just watching TV (not the eyebrows obviously).

I had to use my Photo Booth to take these pictures so they're not the best but you'll get the idea and then you can go hit YouTube, search 'threading' and watch some pros show you how to do it on video!

Basically you take some thread, about the length of your arm and tie a knot with the ends to make a loop (like the start of Cat's Cradle - very popular at my Primary school):

Then holding each end of the loop between your thumb and forefinger, use one hand to twist the thread - I twist it about 10 times. So you create a twisted section in the middle:

Still holding the thread between your thumbs and forefingers, make a pinching motion - opening and closing the thumb and finger on each hand, take turns first 'pinching' the left hand, then the right and so on. The twisted part of the thread should move from side to side. This bit is hard to show in pictures!

Once you've got used to using this motion you put the thread against your face/chin/upper lip and keep moving your hands and the thread!

The twisted thread pulls at the hairs and removes them from the root. It is no more painful than tweezing and to be honest it doesn't hurt me now at all. The advantage of threading is after a while the hairs grow back much finer. I react badly to waxing, bleaching is not my friend and everything else doesn't work or is too costly.

I genuinely like the Aurifil 50 wt best for threading. It's fine, strong and really catches those hairs!

If you want to give it a go, I strongly suggest using Aurifil and watching a YouTube video to get a clearer picture!! You've nothing to lose and you don't even have to tell me if you do! ;)

**This is not a sponsored post, Aurifil might hate me using their thread for hair removal!! I do recommend it for sewing too though ;)**

Back with some sewing soon, promise!

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