I've been busy working on too many projects than is really sensible but I'm making some good headway!

First up I started some embroidery for one part of the Sailor Mouth Swap hosted by the fabulous Allegory. I'm a big Johnny Cash fan (I even made a quilt) so it's pretty self indulgent but hopefully my swap partner will give it the thumbs up rather than the finger

Then I worked on the next block for the How Far Will You Go QAL, the Weathervane. This one gave me some trouble. I used a scant 1/4" seam and it wasn't very happy. I suspect I wasn't paying enough attention when cutting - I tried unpicking and jiggling as much as I could but it ended up like this:

Yeah, not good. Then I decided I wasn't mad keen on the fabric choices anyway so I re-cut the pieces and got this:

Not perfect but so much better and I'm not a fan of unpicking so it's staying as is!! I joined the QAL because I love the final quilt but also to work on my skills and try new blocks. I'm still learning.

I've nearly finished the baby quilt top I'm working on and hope to baste and quilt it this week, better get back to it...

Just before I do and as a reward for reading all the way through I can tell you I have a great STITCHING surprise tomorrow so you'll want to check back!! EEpppp I'm excited :)