I had some really sad new yesterday from a friend so things have been gloomy. I'll be back tomorrow to show you my sewing progress since I didn't feel much like blogging yesterday.

The thing about having 2 small kids around is there isn't much time for sadness and we spent this morning creating some more fabulous cardboard creations in order to distract mummy.
**warning, totally rubbish cardboard makes coming up!! please forgive me!**

After a playing a shopping board game we decided to create our own sweet shop...I turned to cardboard and paper creations.

We did sticking, cutting, tearing and scribbling to create some 'sweets' and I made some quick paper bags for them to put them in. Chocolate, lolly pops and fruit salads were the sweets of the day!

Cue lots of hilarity and awesome sweet shop fun!

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