I don't really have UFOs (unfinished stuff), at least not ones I've had for ages. I do try to get things done but having previously lost my mojo and since I'm currently feeling highly motivated, I'm going to join in Rhonda's Finish-A-Long to keep me on track!

2012 Finish-A-Long

There's also LOTS I need want need to get done (I struggle because it's not a need need but some stuff has people's names on it so there are some deadlines!)

This is in no particular order but all of this shall get done:

- The Stained QAL, no hurry really but a great desire to finish it for my fabulous friend!

- The Retro Flowers QAL, again no hurry except I'm quilting-a-long and honestly I bought the pattern a while ago and this QAL is the kick I need to get going. So far I've cut the squares of fabric so a lot more cutting ahead! I was pleased to see I had enough DS with a couple of solids thrown in :)

- The Name Swap, yes this is still as far as I've got with the name tag swap for the Fat Quarterly Retreat so need to get stitching! Also need to get working on the secret swapsies!

- Hungry Caterpillar Cushions. These are for the kiddies. This is the worst kind of pressure, 'Is my cushion ready?? Have you finished my cushion??' etc (so demanding and only aged 2 and 4!!).

I've done some quilting on both of them but I've attacked one with fabric paint (can you tell I've never used it before!!) because the white areas around the caterpillar were annoying me, just need to add red splotches as well (just to truly ruin it!!) and then (when I'm feeling brave enough to face invisible zips) they're ready to become cushions :)

- Sort of Secret baby boy quilt. This is for my darling friend who is currently pregnant with her first baby (the friend with REALLY great taste that gave me a gorgeous bundle of Hope Valley). She has given me this bundle of lush fabric to work with and we've picked a backing. The binding and pattern I'm using are a mystery to her though and since she might be reading I don't want to give anything away. I'm excited to work on it and might show sneak peaks just to annoy her ;)

That's three quilts, two cushions, a name tag, swaps and whatever else I take on in the next quarter (while still making Rose Star blocks)!!
Hahaha, wish me luck!