Well I always want to get stuff done but for the first time this year I'm really feeling good and wanting to make some dents in my 'To Sew' list. It's way too long and I've only crossed off one completed quilt!


- Wing It to Hexagon Park

- I've made a block for Bee Blessed to answer Judith's call for Wonky Houses to go with the Pippi blocks :)

This is the first wonky house I've made and it has the most ridiculous chimney but oh well!! It has a cute cat floating (doh!) in the window...

and it has lovely grass!! Which was part of my great fabric win from a giveaway by M-R at Quilt Matters. I seriously love this chick! I must plot a way to get to Canada and visit her :)

Thank you so much my dear, they are so soft and the colours are brilliant. And how did you know I'd need some grass?! (customs people - honestly I'm just talking about the fabric!!)


- I've made some progress with the Stained QAL, but still have my 3 and 4 blocks to make - here's a couple more blocks

I'm making the Stained for my guy friend, at first I was worried it was too floraly (yes that's a word now) but the more I put together the more masculine it seems to feel - I think the Charcoal sashing was a good choice. I'm really loving it :)

- Rose Star, 2 more blocks made (thanks to sunshine and a train ride to London to deliver the baby quilt!)

no progress:

I made the Pezzy top but haven't quilted it, I've finally got a bit of wadding (Frankensteined together from leftovers) so I'm basting it tonight and hoping to finish it up soon!

After that it's on to cushion making and more embroidery!!


completed: 2
new projects: 0
in progress: 4

***I know lots of people have blogging about this but Flickr has just told me I've reached my limit and have to buy more space?? what to do??***