I have seen a lot of great links to the Festival of Half Square Triangles at Canoe Ridge Creations...

I wasn't going to join in because I didn't think I'd made a quilt with HSTs until I remembered this:

This is my Hacienda quilt made for my friend Dave's 50th birthday. The yellow and black stripes are inspired by the iconic design associated with the Manchester nightclub The Hacienda, where he used to DJ. You can read more about the club and Haslam in my original post.

Unfortunately these are really bad pictures but you get the idea! Simple design but a fun gift for Dave and the whole front is HSTs!

Oh and I seriously hope he never comes across this when he's googling his own name but here's a pic of the man himself showing the quilt in case he forgets who he is! ;)

So I'm linking up, go and check out the Festival of Half Square Triangles!