RIP Picknik. You were a lovely editing site and I enjoyed many wasted hours creating blog headers on you!

In memorium I created the one above using the software and I'm liking it! Plus I do love my Pezzy quilt :)

If you haven't tried it already may I suggest you go and visit PicMonkey. It doesn't yet create collages but it will, and oh my gosh it is the nicest looking picture editing site I've ever seen. So cool. There's lots of wonderful things you can do to your photos and there's more to come.
They also have the best humour and little quips on the site! Fun and stylish, love it! Super easy and user friendly.

Honestly it's BETTER than Picnik in my humble opinion and who doesn't love a monkey??

More on typewriters tomorrow :) I'm off to monkey around! (oh dear)

Linking up to Rebecca who just has the best Bucket List I've ever seen, although I do think she should add visiting me!

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