I made a name tag for the Fat Quarterly retreat name swap and it has been received by the lovely Catherine of Sew Wonderful Life. As soon as she sent the email to say she'd got it and was happy I breathed a huge sigh of relief and then she wrote a kind post about it! This is the first swap I've done and felt so nervous.

I stalked Catherine a little bit, looking at her favourites on Flickr, taking note of the things she liked and commented on. If I'm completely honest I'm not sure that the badge I made really reflects her fun personality and I wish I had used more colour. I had a few ideas but once this one took hold I couldn't stop myself. So here it is...

I paper pieced a star and hexagon shape and then slip stitched it onto a backing hexagon

Initially I wasn't going to include a blog name but I think it's nice to, after all that's how I know her! I had one unsuccessful attempt - I was trying to brighten it up with some aqua but I used too many strands and it was unreadable...

It's ok when you know what her blog name is but for people reading it for the first time (the whole point of a name tag!!) you wouldn't know what it said!! I also decided that the colour didn't go well with the others so I switched to grey and used one strand of thread...

So that's my excuse for being a slacker and doing crap embroidery on the back!! ;)

Glad you love it Catherine! Now I'll be jumping on the post for the next couple of weeks awaiting mine :)

This is the second finish off my Finish-A-Long list:

2012 Finish-A-Long

I spent the weekend at my Nan's so I've done no machine sewing but I did a little embroidery, which I should be able to show you later in the week.

Hope you're all having wonderful weekend!