The time has come to see what I've managed to do and link up with the amazing Sarah at FairyFace Designs. I made a good dent in my Winter Stitching List.

FairyFace Designs

Here's what I got finished:

Drunkard's Path QALDead Simple QAL, Two Terrain Lattice Quilts for my nieces, the secret quilt AKA the Johnny Cash quilt for my husband, Baby Boy quilt 'Diagonal Stripes HST quilt', and the 'Does Not Compute' quilt (now much loved by my son!)

I checked other things off my list too, all the little makes I wanted to do for Christmas, practicing fmq (a bit!) and I've kept up to date with the Blogger's BOM (ok I haven't done April's yet but it's not over!!). Here's how that's looking so far:

Here's what I've not done and the fabric piles still waiting to be cut up...

From left to right: Love of Rain quilt, Owl quilt and finally the vintage inspired/modern quilt for me - I'll be using the Across the Sea QAL pattern for these retro lovelies :)

I have 4 quilts I have to finish (*ahem* - and start) before I can even get to cutting these ones out. But I'll get there eventually and hopefully you won't have to see these piles again!!

I'm really pleased with the progress I made and huge thanks to Sarah for the great links and motivation!
Those who follow will know that I've made more quilts during this time and plenty of other little bits as well so I think I did pretty well considering the distractions!! Seriously there are too many quilts to make and never enough time ;)

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