because this is the shocking state of my sewing table right now!

I DO NOT like mess!!
I really have to get to sewing to clear this lot up!!

So onto what's been occurring this week...


not a whole lot, in fact only this mini quilt, I did fanny about with picmonkey and made a pattern if you'd like to make one yourself!

- Big Polaroid Picture

- Name Swap
I also got to reveal the name tag I made for my lovely partner to wear at the Fat Quarterly Retreat:

new projects

- Secret Swaps
Going along with the embroidery theme I also made a start on the secret swaps for the retreat too.

An explanation because my husband wasn't sure what these were. Clockwise from top left: a spilt bowl of water; a cracked egg; a kitchen timer ; salt and pepper pots (he did get that one) 
Ultimately these will be making their way onto tea towels. I really wanted to make something people would use and doesn't everyone need tea towels??? Let me know if you'd like tea towels fellow swappers? (If if helps the tea towels themselves are 50% cotton, 50% linen and could always be cut up into lining fabric or something else if you hated them!!). I'll show you more progress when I've made it!

Oh and Susan knows why that salt pot is nearly empty ;) I love French knots but they are time consuming!

- New Kitchen Rug
I just couldn't resist making this tutorial by So Sue, when I saw it at Sew We Quilt (Madame Samm rocks my world). We have a gaping hole in our kitchen floor, which I previous covered with this rug I made but it's looking crap, takes years to dry because it's denim (what was I thinking??!!) and no one likes it ;)

So I got this pieced SUPER fast (I'll show you how tomorrow - although I'm sure it's nothing new), quilted it and now just need to trim and bind it.

I was going to use a pile of left over binding I had to bind it with but honestly I think I'd hate it, so instead I'm going with...

not making my heart sing

I managed to get a few bits of DS Flea Market Fancy and I know some of you might shout at me for using it on a kitchen rug (along with those delicious charms, the vast majority of which I got in the Somewhere Over the Rainbow charm swap held by Emily) but really I can't think of a better place to put these fabrics. I'm in the kitchen everyday and the rainbow loveliness will make me smile!


- Stained QAL, I've finished all my blocks for this one!! Hurray :)

but I haven't sewn them together yet :(

- Retro Flowers QAL, I did this much cutting...

and then vowed not to do any more until I've at least finished the Stained top. So I'm behind, what the hell, I always am!! ;)

no progress

 - Rose Star blocks, feel sad I didn't do any work on them this week. Is it weird that I miss them and think about them every day??

completed: 1
new: 1
in progress: 5

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p.s. I've not forgotten about the next Fugly Party, just stalled slightly!