A couple of people have asked me if they could make my skull tooth fairy cushions for their children, so to make it easier I've made a pattern and a tutorial for you to follow. I also made this one for my son in the process!

Here's what you'll need, along with your sewing machine and thread obviously:

skull pattern print out
one 12x12" piece of fabric for the front
one 12x12" piece of fabric for the back
approximately 10x5" plain white/neutral fabric for the skull
a small piece of fusible interfacing and bondaweb for the pattern pieces
two 11.5x11.5" fusible fleece (or wadding)
stuffing (I used as much as I could get in!)

To begin print out the skull pattern. It should print in landscape. If you download it the dimensions will change, although this is not really an issue and you can make the skull as little or large as you like by playing with your printer settings. 
Please let me know if you have any issues accessing or printing it.

Cut out both of the pattern pieces. 
Cut out the sections marked with an 'X' for the eyes and nostrils. 

Trace round the skull top onto the back (paper side) of the bondaweb and cut it out (do not cut the eyes or nostrils of the bondaweb). 

Cut a piece of fusible interfacing the same size as the skull jaw (bottom part of the pattern).

Following the manufacturers instructions attach the bondaweb skull and piece of jaw interfacing to the plain fabric:

Now you can cut out the eyes and nostrils. I use my embroidery scissors for this as those little nostrils can be tricky:

Take the jaw and fold over the top 1/4", press and topstitch:

Grab your two pieces of 12x12" fabrics. If you are using fusible fleece follow the manufacturers instructions and attach to the back of both pieces of fabric (if you want to quilt these do it now!).

Centre your skull on your front piece of fabric:

Put the jaw piece to one side, peel the backing off the bondaweb on the skull top and follow manufacturers instructions to attach it by pressing to the fabric:

Now applique the skull top. I chose to fmq round the outside edges twice, I like the rustic look but you could also use a straight stitch or blanket stitch.

Take the jaw piece and press the sides and bottom over 1/4":

Pin the jaw in place under the skull top:

Stitch round the sides and bottom of the jaw close to the edges (do not sew the top!! It's a pocket!). 

Take your back piece of fabric and the front of the cushion, put them right sides together and pin in place :

Sew round all the edges of the cushion but remember to leave about a 4" gap at the bottom for turning and reverse stitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.

I like to strengthen the corners by stitching across them and then clip them for neater corners:

Turn your cushion right side out through the opening. Then give the cushion a good press, especially at the opening - it makes it easier to sew it shut:

Stuff the cushion and then sew the opening closed. I hand sew the opening using a ladder stitch.

And your cushion is done!

My son was thrilled with his.

I hope you liked the tutorial and it was all clear. Any questions please let me know!

I'm happy for you to make them for personal use and gifts but please do not sell my design or pattern.

If you make the cushion or any items using my tutorials please tag me on social media @charmaboutyou 
I would love to see your makes!