All in all I'm having a pretty good week. I'm really excited about all the projects I have going on right now and squeezing in bits here and there whenever I get the chance. I am missing quilts though and although I love all the hand sewing and little projects it would be nice to get back to sewing a quilt on my machine...


skull tooth fairy cushion for my son:

I even put together a tutorial if you want to make your own!

in progress

rose stars - another row nearly put together (ok I say row but this is probably a third of a row, it's just the size I like working with):

working on a cushion for my eldest daughter (I'm still getting used to having two girls! I LOVE it!!):

cross stitch project:

and finally a great excuse and opportunity to sew a pretty quilt! Fluffy Sheep Quilting is heading to a quilt festival in June and I agreed to make a quilt. I really enjoy sewing DP blocks and very kindly the lovely Cindy put her Sizzix (seriously those people should give me one!!) to good use and sent me these fabulous DP cuts of Little Matryoshka prints and Essex Linen in natural so I can get to work.

I know I'm going to love making this quilt, they are such cute prints. Thanks Cindy!

Speaking of cute, I also got some more adorable cards from Pixieland:

Seriously these are so so pretty, and those kitten and fairy notecards are on sale at £2 for eight cards! GO CLICK away, that is a bargain!! I haven't met Claire but love her work and she always sends things so speedily and beautifully packaged.

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