I'm going to start with a quick rant and I will end on a much more postive note I promise! 

I am not a hater of technology but WHY OH WHY must people walking down the street talking on phones feel the need to share their part of the conversation with everyone around them. Do I need to hear the details of your life? no. Worst of all though is being subjected to these people effing and blinding in their booming voices. Please be quieter and please don't swear. I was only with the baby at the time so I wasn't worried about the kids hearing - I didn't want to hear it!! Although I nearly got in a fight with a woman in a shop once when I asked her to stop swearing in front of my kids - funnily she was on her phone too!

Oh and these people are 'adults' not teenagers. I actually had a 'yout' apologise for swearing in front of me at the park. 

Clearly I am not one who hates swear words but there's a time and a place people! Not in public at the top of your lungs.

I seriously hope I raise my children to be more considerate of those around them, more private about their personal business and obviously more polite than to swear like sailors in front of all and sundry.

Rant over... let's get to all the good stuff...

When people find out you sew you suddenly get given lovely fabrics by well meaning people.
My mum's friend passed on this lovely stash:

There's some towelling, velour, curtain fabric, cheesecloth and gorgeous 70s type shiny fabric!
What will become of these I have no idea. But I will be having fun thinking up ways to use them. 
The mustard linen would make an awesome backing for some cross stitch!

An arrival of supplies from The Village Haberdashery - always such fabulous service!

A gold post box with Lois posing in front - I took this picture in January but it must be something to do with the Queen's jubilee because someone won an Olympic medal (thanks Kerry!!):

Lois in what was Fred's outfit - I LOVE it!!

Oh and how totally ace are these mittens?!

Let's see how much she's grown... (knees bent so she's pretty much off that mat!)

Fred's story:

He is four and this is phonetic, it reads 'the butterfly saw a man' - shame about the butfly!!

Finally a little message I saw on the main street where I live:

Ain't that the truth!

**reminder that Le Challenge theme will be announced tomorrow**

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