The past few days have been pretty rough. Poorly kids (vomit = bedding being washed MANY times!), accidents, me making endless stupid mistakes. Sleep deprivation is a killer and I am shaking my head at things I've done wrong WAY more than I would like!

The cherry on the cake just happened as I was looking at photos I'd taken of the completed May quilt top - I've sewn part of it wrong. I am so mad at myself. I can't even show you what a doofus I am because the quilt is a secret. argh.

I don't have much to show but there is a new little project in the works:

I'm going to try and do my bee blocks this week so sorry to the ladies who are waiting - I have the pieces all cut and ready to go, just need a chance to sew them!

On the plus side we celebrated my son's 5th birthday with a party at the weekend, had lots of fun and my MIL and my sister came to visit. Sadly his actual birthday was on Monday so he had school... where he did this:

not fun.

I have also been feeling sad about crappy things happening to a few of my bloggy friends. I love emailing people but the downside of these friendships is not being able to give people actual hugs. I hope you know I'm thinking of you though.

So before I jump into a total pit of crappiness and self pity, here's what keeps me going. Precious moments and my gorgeous kids:

there's nothing as great as sisters :)

So I will keep going. Running on caffeine and cherishing the quiet moments.

Leave it to the baby to remind me to 'Rock On'!!

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