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As many of you (mums!) know, it was World Book Day yesterday and the kids at school got to dress up as their favourite characters. My son chose a dinosaur from a story he loves and of course my eldest daughter wanted the same (oh my, I will have to be making 3 of everything soon enough!! Those of you that already do have my respect!!). Here are the two dinosaur tails I made using Jessica's fabulous tutorial:

I let the kids pick the fabrics - he went pretty neutral and cleverly coordinated with his dinosaur hoody (seriously HE chose them, the boy has style!!) and she picked a prettier vintage sheet :)
They very much LOVE them!

Probably not the most practical costume for school in reality, although his teacher did say she was amused seeing how many kids he bumped with his tail!

They have also been asking for pirate eye patches, after playing pirates at a friend's house. Well I'm skint and do not want to trawl the shops for such things so I made them. A quick sketch of a skull and crossbones, a bit of back stitch on some felt, more felt to cover the back and hide the knot of the elastic, crude rustic blanket stitch round the edges = two happy pirates!

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