I've never made a mini quilt and if I'm honest I'm not entirely sure of their purpose... until I got my hands on these!

An Easter treat to myself! These were from The Village Haberdashery, I've just checked and they no longer have the typewriter bundles, but they have clocks, coffeepots and other yummy bundles!

I was probably influenced by all the mini quilts being made in blogland and I'm in love with this one over at Sew Allegorical. Also I can not add another quilt to the list but I want to sit and look at that typewriter fabric ALL day!! And isn't a simple little wall hanging the perfect way to do that?

I'd seen this tutorial for Polaroid quilt blocks, which I love but the typewriters are bigger than the small dimensions and even though I hate math I decided to adapt it. Turns out I'm no good at that!! So I guestimated and just went with what looked right! I made a trial block (not something I normally bother doing but then I don't make things up very often), which I turned into a little doll quilt for my daughter:

Once that was done I held my breath and cut out a typewriter, using the coordinating solids I cut the borders and kept things simple. I embroidered my blog name and the year on it because I always wrote on my Polaroid pictures!

I did some very basic quilting, learnt how to sleeve it, stuck some chopsticks in it and now I sit and stare at it.

If you have the typewriter fabric or something a similar size it's super easy to do, here's the dimensions I used for mine. You can add borders of any size, I just slashed mine and made it slightly wonky. This could really easily (with a border) become a 12.5" unfinished block to add to a quilt.

Cut a 6" square of any fabric you chose. For the frame of the Polaroid I'd seriously only use a white solid unless you don't want it to look like a Polaroid picture (see the doll quilt above!).

From the white cut two 1.5 x 6" pieces and, using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew this to either side of your square of fabric. Press the seams (open or to the side, doesn't matter!).

Again from the white cut one 1.5 x 8" and one 3 x 8" strip. Sew the thinner one to the top and the wider one to the bottom, press and ta-dah!! A big Polaroid!

You can chose to add any borders you like and can make the blocks any size depending on the width of the borders, you can add straight borders or cut them at an angle to make it wonky. A scrappy border would look really nice too. So many possibilities!

I think this is a great way to showcase a special fabric that you love. Let me know if you make one or use a Big Polaroid in any of your fabulous projects :)

Polaroids must have stuck in my brain because I only just realised I used the same design element for the Fugly Fabric Party button! More details on that VERY soon :)

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