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I've managed to do quite a bit this week, largely thanks to my new machine :)


- sewing machine cover and 2 sewing cases (read more about them here)

- I finished my first paper pieced block :)

- I also finished the zip pouch I was working on:



I love those little squares, thank you again Heather! My sewing space looks better already, the zips have their own home!


- I've cut out for my next rose and star block, if you haven't already you definitely should come and join the party!

Here are some basted, looking like a string of little goldfish (it was late last night I was going a bit mad!!):

points if you can spot my teeny tattoo!

- Also managed to make a block for the Charming Rainbow Stars quilt after doing some cutting. These are charms from a swap, some are fugly but it's going to be ugly cool!!

I'm following basing it on this pattern - I realised that the charms for that particular swap were 4" square not 5". DUH!! So it's a little off! I'd already cut the smaller squares for the points and can't do maths anyway so I just went with it. I still think it looks like a star so that's good!!

I was a little disappointed to find that some of the charms still had edges on :( Good job I hadn't planned to use them all or there would have been little holes everywhere!

no progress: - Secret quilt

future projects:
Did you see the exciting win?! I didn't until some of you pointed it out to me (that's what sewing and no blog reading does!!). I was so thrilled to see I'd won Maureen's giveaway over at Maureen Cracknell Handmade. A wonderful Just Wing It layer cake :) generously offered by her sponsor Angie at The Little Fabric Shop.

I love this fabric and had seen some lovely projects made with it, I also have two pregnant friends so I'm hoping one will be a girl!!

Regardless I knew I wanted to pick what to make with it straight away!! I have an odd disorder I think, I really have to know what I'm doing with my fabric. I love organising and have everything separated into projects (total has now hit 13 quilts!!). I asked Laura's advice about what to do, she has great taste (is not afraid of expletives) and she's so good at knowing what patterns are out there. Thank you very much Laura :) She made a few suggestions but her initial one had me hooked straight away! So this:

will become this:
MBS pic
I love Lynne's patterns and I think this will look gorgeous in Just Wing It :) Is it crazy that I've planned what to do when I don't even own it yet!!!

Sorry that has been a long post already... hope you'll stay for Part 2 below!
(That line right there is how I'll be separating WIP and Weigh In Wednesdays!!)

Weigh In Wednesday

week's loss:
exercise: jumping around and dancing madly like a crazed woman :) 

Not sure how that's happened with all the birthday cake last week but it must be the boogying! 

This is the BEST way to lose weight!! I can't stop watching this, dancing around like I'm re-living the early nineties ;) It is SO fun to dance too. Yes I look like an idiot and not Beyonce but I dare you not to move around listening to this :)


I'd also just like to add how amazing she looks, what a healthy and beautiful body she has! Going to go and do a Cindy Crawford workout DVD later just to top things off!