I know I will, there's nothing wrong with me but there is something wrong with my machine :( It is whining - literally. Not a happy Boy Called Sue! I think the noise is really putting me off, I'm scared to use it in case it totally breaks!

This is going to be one of those random posts packed with bits about nothing so if you don't mind I have a few things to share!! Oh if you can't be bothered reading that's fine but, if you haven't already, make sure you go and enter my charm pack giveaway here :)

Another reason I haven't quilted is because I don't really know where to start! I've got nine quilts planned, NINE! I have an order in my head but then I keep changing my mind. I've organised my fabric into projects, so I know what I'm doing, but I'm having some sort of block (perhaps brought on my the eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk noise of my machine!) and can't get going. I'm hoping that will change today!

One of the projects I want to start today is the Rose and Star Block Party that's just started on My Selfsewn Life:

I've never done paper piecing and very limited hand sewing at all so this should be interesting! I love the look of this though and like the traditional blocks done with modern fabric. With that in mind and also my desire to use fabric that I've been collecting (mostly got in the amazing sales over Christmas!!) but not sure what to do with, I've picked fabrics I adore:

the ones on the right are more coral in real life!

They don't really go together do they?! Well I'm not bothered!! ;) I just LOVE them all so much and I'm kind of hoping it will work out in the end! I may need to find some smaller prints to use but even just a hint of these fabrics might look nice anyway... we'll see I guess! I'm hoping to create some interesting combinations :)

I did brave my machine to quickly sew a bib together for my lovely neighbour, who has just given birth to a healthy 10lb 1oz baby!! Hope it's not too small:

I was inspired after seeing this post on Pleasant Home, I used the same pattern by Chickpea Sewing Studio and the tutorial by Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! for sewing onto interfacing. I was originally planning on using up tiny scraps and making it more patchwork but again, frightened by the machine I went for something more simple.
This past week I also received these beauties from the fabulous Zipit!

I just love those fortune telling fish!!

Just in case you were wondering, I'm pretty sure Dave loved his Hacienda quilt :) We had a fantastic time at the party. The Charlatans were the guest band (have to admit we were late and missed them though!!), Lemn Sissay read and Dave gave a brilliant speech :)
Want to see my party outfit?

Bad angle it may be but still you can see why I'm joining in with Erin for the Weigh In Wednesday!! I also managed to put nice plaits (braids) in my hair but we were late enough without taking another picture!! The dress is an early birthday present and is just lace on the back of the top! Glad I like my back :)

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