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Thursday Think Tank
I have my first finish of 2012! It's a birthday present for our friend Dave, who used to work with my husband.

Dave also used to DJ at a famous Manchester nightclub, The Hacienda. Unfortunately I never saw him there because I was too young ;)
I did naughtily go as a teenager though and have some great memories. There's a bit about it here, including a good article by Dave himself! He's also written a brilliant book about Manchester's history and music, which I'm going to shamelessly plug ;)

Manchester, England
I decided to go with the yellow and black stripes that were in the club and became part of it's identity:

source: http://www.mancky.co.uk/?p=2275

I've made him a 'Hacienda quilt' and I'm hoping he likes it! We're off to celebrate his important birthday with him tomorrow night. Funnily enough the party's at the venue my husband and I had our wedding in and he was our DJ! It should be fun :)

This is the first quilt I've hand sewn the binding on! I thoroughly enjoyed it (you were so right Debbie!) although I may have carpel tunnel but after the rush of Christmas it felt nice to take my time and, after all, it was for a legend :)