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Today has been a total sofa day. Me being ill was not fun, the little girl being ill is even less so :(
She had very little energy so blankets and Snow White were the order of the day. It also gave me an opportunity to finish my second rose and star block:

Don't they look pretty holding hands!!

While she was napping I also managed to make this quick camera case:

I used this simple tutorial, the only difference was I hand sewed the closing rather than using the machine. I'm trying to improve my hand stitching and this tutorial really helped, the seam looks great (you can't see it but that's the point!)

It helps that I now have a thimble. My finger was getting so sore but no more!
I decided the thimble needed a special spot in my sewing case, the pockets were just a little too big and I didn't want to lose it. So I cut a bit of fabric, pressed and top stitched the edges and then hand stitched it onto my case:

Cute and handy!


I'm hoping to maybe try to get some more fmq done tomorrow because there's been no progress on the 'Not So Charming Rainbow Stars Quilt'.

I've also cut pieces ready for my next rose and star block (I think this might be a regular Wednesday thing!!)

no progress: everything else but I've done enough all things considered

So here's my stats:
completed: 3
new: 0
in progress: 2


Weigh In Wednesday

I'm linking up with Missy Mac Creations but I don't really have any good news :(
I gained a pound this week and am so fed up. I'm hoping it's water retention because I've barely been able to eat anything. Admittedly I've not done so much exercise (except normal looking after kids stuff) but who wants to work out when you're poorly??!
I'm on the mend so I promise no excuses next week and hope to see some loss.
Can anyone recommend some effective but gentle exercise? The next couple of days I want to go easy on myself (that makes it sound like I work out really hard, clearly I don't!! I just want a change and nothing too strenuous).


In other news... If you have facebook and fancy some free 'facebook cards' head over to moo . This is the UK site but I know the US one is doing the same thing (not sure about Canada or Australia or anywhere else, sorry!).

I used my Charm About You profile and created these:

So incredibly professional and handy for handing out at all those important meetings I attend! HA! They're just for fun, I only paid a couple of pounds postage and I wanted to check them out. They come in a cute little case and you can chose 6 different images and get 50 free cards (for a limited time!). I have to say the images didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, the colours are pretty dull so if you're going to get some I'd say pick some really bright shots. 

They do a lot of fun cards but I'm assuming the quality of the stuff you pay for is better!

Oh and look what my son made at school :) Happy Chinese New Year!