I'm joining in with the Winter Stitching and had to check back to see what was on my list!!

FairyFace Designs

Here's my progress:
Dead Simple Quilt - done

Drunkard's Path QAL - done

One baby quilt, which became Diagonal Stripe HST Quilt - done

2 quilts for my nieces, which became the Terrain Lattice Quilt and Terrain Lattice Quilt 2.0 - done

Does Not Compute Quilt - done

I've also managed to do a whole bunch of other makes that you can see here!

Blogger's BOM, keep up to date - done

Owl quilt - I have the fabric but it is creeping down the list of priorities so I'm not sure if this will get done this winter:

Secret Quilt - I've done nothing on this one and I'm not sure whether to abandon it.

Do more fmq practice and try to do some on actual quilts - done. I didn't remember I'd even put this on the list and it seems very serendipitous that that's what I'm currently working on!!

Love of Rain Quilt - the fabric is sitting staring at me:

Vintage Inspired/Modern Quilt - I am going to do the Across the Sea Quilt Along pattern for this. I have yummy repro fabric ready and am planning on hand quilting it. This quilt will be ALL MINE! I will start work on it soon though I hope. I'm wondering if I want to make it so much that I'm putting it off because I'm worried it won't be as good as it is in my head. Do you know what I mean?

So all in all I'm doing OK but I still have some really big projects to do...

I'm still a bit rubbish at not getting distracted and need to focus to finish something . I also have periods of doubting myself, which I hate because it makes me feel so useless and that's not really me. I'm battling through it though and my husband is wonderfully reassuring, always telling me just to do it and reminding me that most of what I want to do will only be living at our house and how will I get better if I don't keep working at it. I love that attitude. So I will continue to challenge myself and work at getting better, whilst having fun and sewing with abandon :)

I'm linking up to T.T.T. because it's Thursday!!

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