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I'm not normally smug... rarely do I feel completely happy with something I've sewn but this time I really am! Excuse the ensuing smugness...

I have been working on my 'Not So Charming Rainbow Stars Quilt', which wasn't turning out exactly right. This has become a slight comedy of errors. Anyone spot the mistake??:

Yeah, see the middle block at the bottom - it's the wrong way round!! Whoops. I only noticed it when I was basting and at that point could not be bothered unpicking. It'll just have to stay that way!

Then when I did some straight line quilting and the bobbin ran out I stupidly put the wrong colour in - I was using a different thread to match the backing and out of habit used the top thread colour. A bit of unpicking later (I couldn't leave that - it was too obvious and annoying!!), the right thread in place and the straight lines were done.

So with renewed confidence I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and practice my fmq - Nicky will be proud :)

I had a gander at Leah Day's designs at the Free Motion Quilting Project, just the beginners ones obviously!! There's so much choice but I wanted something that would counter the pointy stars and also a design that would suit the backing fabric.

I went with the Echo Shortcut:

first and second attempts
third attempt!
My tension was all over the place and the first attempt was with the feed dogs up. I thought since this was a function of my new machine it would make it easier. I hated it, so feed dogs back up and attempt 2 and 3. My design looks less curvy and more like mussels than Leah's but I really like it!!

Happy with the pattern, I switched to the thread I'd picked for the quilt to try and sort the tension out and had another go:

Not too bad. Feeling more confident and excited I said to my husband, 'Shall I just do it on one of the stars?'. He said, 'go for it!' 

Glad I did!:

I totally love it!! The texture is amazing.

I had to stop and start a couple of times to get into all the points and I did slip outside of the star a couple of times. I sewed into the dark red square but since it already has black lines on it I just grabbed a micron pen and coloured in the little threads! You'd never know ;)

Despite that it's not bad! My stitch length is somewhat random but not horrendous, I still just tend to go a little fast sometimes:

Using the different thread really helps the design blend in to the backing, also the design works really well:

Overall I'm chuffed to bits!! Now just have to attempt this 8 more times to fill all the stars!!

In other news I had a nice delivery:

I'd seen this Habitat fabric around on other blogs and knew I had to have some. Those pixels are SO PERFECT. This may just be may favourite fabric ever (so far!!). I also got some lush Essex Linen in grey, oh so scrummy :) I've never used it before but I couldn't resist.
The service at Marmalade fabrics is fantastic, great choice, very quick delivery and so nicely wrapped. Highly recommended!

I also ventured out to Nantwich for a quilter's fabric sale. Now I have to be completely honest and say it wasn't really my sort of thing. I'm way too laid back for elbowing nice ladies out of the way for some bargain fabric but it was fun to see. There were so many people there and lots of stalls. There were also some demonstrations and I was able to pick up a few tips from a very kind and patient lady (I did ask some moronic questions!!). Much of the stuff on offer wasn't my taste but I did get these beauties:

from the lovely folks at Patchwork Corner
And I have plans for these already!

Another quick reminder of my Fugly fabric party!! Please check it out and help to spread the word, I'd love people to join in and we also need some blog hoppers to enjoy all the delights and grab some fugly fabric!! :)

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