I'm linking up to the Manic Monday linky party at Sew Happy Geek.

Sew Happy Geek

Here's my Blogger's BOM for December:

I threw in some Hometown and now I'm not sure about it but I didn't like the first block and do now so I'm hoping once there's a bit more in there it will be ok.

I did a run to Abakhan just after Christmas and here's what I got:

This is what I'm using just now for my friend's present, just sewing on the binding and it needs a good clean, there's batting fluff all over the black - arrggghhhh!

Anyone else's kids or pets already destroying their Christmas presents?? The girl is so strong the toy buggy ties got ripped off, I'm hoping she can't mess with my sewing!! And I love this doll she was given:

Lastly we went to Wales for Christmas and here's what we did Christmas morning!

My husband always says since the kids are half Scottish they can stand the cold, it was freezing!! We had lots of fun though, the kids filled their pockets with rocks and shells. It was lovely, we could see the beach from where we were staying!

Bbbbrrrrrr, makes me cold just looking at it!!

**oh my! Just wanted to add I've been so sick of looking at the hideously large number of emails that I have read but kept so I just hit select all and archived them!! Scary stuff. This is the year of organising emails properly!**