and have a good time fortune!

To celebrate the fact that I'm turning 32 next week and the fact that over 100 wonderful folk decided to hit the 'follow' button I'm having a giveaway to say thank you and spread a little joy!

Because I'm 'Charm About You' and since it'll be the second year of my thirties, I'm giving away 2 charm packs - ok clearly that has nothing to do with why I'm giving away two, it's just useful to have more fabric but it ties in nicely!

Just to be clear this is NOT a sponsored giveaway! I bought these charm packs with my own money from the Fat Quarter Shop - I love their service and they just have great little pictures!! ;)

********THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! See the winner here *********

If you'd like the chance to win 2 charm packs of Good Fortune by Kate Spain you'll be pleased to know you get two shots:

1. Leave a comment telling me the most charming memory you have (I'm hoping to have some heartwarming stories, it could be anything really!!)

2. Let me know you're a follower in a separate comment

If you are a no-reply blogger or use Wordpress or any other reason your email doesn't appear on your profile PLEASE leave your email address in the comment :)
(BTW some of you that already follow definitely are no-reply bloggers because I can't reply to your comments! If you're not sure, click on that big red button down on the right that says 'are you a NO REPLY blogger?')

I'm not shouting about this giveaway but feel free to share about it on your blog if you're feeling generous!

The giveaway is open internationally.

I'll be drawing a winner using on 12th January because that's my birthday! Not sure what time (it's my birthday and I'll do what I want to!! It'll probably be about 10am **in the evening** UK time) so just be certain to enter before then ;)

I wish you all good fortune and thank you so much for reading, commenting, supporting and contributing so much to me and this little blog!