Monday, 1 July 2013

blink and you'll miss it

Isn't that how June felt? Each month seems to go by so quickly but that really did fly!

Here's most of what I did this month:

The Cheater Robot Quilt, The Braidadelic Quilt, apron, tea towel, sampler, jean patch, initial cushion
bear paw tutorial, bell pepper coasters, owl tooth fairy cushions, skull tooth fairy cushions
Le Challenge Maritime dress, coasters

I also managed to finish three of my FAL projects this quarter, which I have linked up:

she can quilt

The next quarter starts soon so if you have WIPs you'd like done why not commit to trying to get them finished - it's a fun way to stay motivated and there's prizes too!

I'm still working on EPP projects and a few other bits and pieces (14 days until the Le Challenge link up!!).
After a recent quilting disaster I'm sticking to what I really love and currently that's my bear paws!

If you've got some paws join the Flickr group and add your pictures to the inspiration.

 I just put in a repeat order at The Polished Button

The Polished Button

They have all manner of gorgeous sewing goodies; trims, buttons, patterns, fabric, binding and more:

The owner, Ruth, has been kind enough to let me share a discount code with you. Enter VINTAGE10 at the checkout and get 10% off. I love supporting great shops with fabulous products and services and hope you'll go shopping and do the same!

Linking up:
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  1. I love your Robot quilt. I think it was one of my favourite projects in June :) And no, I can't believe June is over!

  2. June really did fly by for me too Lucy! Lovely stuff here, and I love how much you are name checking my blog ;) I really must make myself a bearpaw quilt one day!!

  3. Yup... June seemed to fly by this year. Love your mosaic, all such nice projects.

  4. June was SO fast! It's crazy. Lovely stuff :-)

  5. I still can't figure out how you manage to fit so much in. It's all gorgeous, especially those owl cushions. Yay for more Bear Paws too! I have the next lot of fabric waiting to be cut.

  6. So many fun and wonderful projects :)

  7. that one missing day really makes a difference, eh? you still managed to squeeze in A LOT of sewing. loved the month in review. congrats on your FAL finishes.

    i did NOT see that link and discount code. i did not. (that cherry print, the ditsy floral in aqua, buttons - eek!)

    happy july!

  8. awesome works for month of June Lucy! I don't how you do it with three kiddos fab! Thanks for the discount code will have a wee lookie!

  9. How on earth do you manage all these gorgeous makes and three small bairns?! I think you may be Wonder Woman...

  10. I want another June, July is getting stressful already!!
    Love your month xxx

  11. Love what you've made for June, and the bear paws are coming along well :o)

  12. I have to check out he polished button! Looks amazing!

  13. Love the robot quilt that's ace and the bear paws are cute too..looks like you've been very busy! Will be having a browse at the polished button thanks for the code :)

  14. I blinked, and forgot to link up to the FAL, thanks for the reminder!