I have my fingers crossed and am chanting 'everything happens for a reason', believing positive things must be on their way after a bout of crapness.

Head down sewing time is good therapy and achieving something feels great!

Here's Sheila's blocks for the Bee A Brit Stingy Bee (I promise they are straight, just my bad rushed photography)

and Alice's block for the Amaranth group in Simply Solids Bee

Then last night I had a workout. Seriously. Hands and knees basting with pins in this heat?!! It was like some crazy hot yoga class. I had already given my arms a workout by marking the quilt with my hera marker but it had to get basted or we'd have no living room! 

So the How Far Will You Go? quilt is now full of pins and I've started hand quilting today. All I can say is I love it even more.

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