I'm focusing on little things...

like little makes to sell at the PTA fair that is THIS Friday (gulp)

So I made a few of these little coin trays:

And am working on these little dolls:

They just need to be stuffed. I'm thinking they'd be cute on a keychain to hang off a bag or something?!

I was so inspired when I saw the incredible Liberty skittle dolls Jo made and then my mum bought me this magazine:

So I used the basic template from Craftseller and then made a very simple version and attached a ribbon loop. 
Even my son seems to love them so hopefully they'll sell!

I'm still working on my bear paw blocks too:

Then there's those other little things that brighten up your day. The baby is poorly and we've had a hard time of late so when I heard that unmistakeable 'thud' of a package through the door (and don't we all just know when it's fabric?!) I was nursing her and thinking 'I know I've not ordered anything, what could that be?'. Nothing could have surprised me more. The wonderful and very generous Hydee had sent me some gorgeous Hope Valley as a thank you for a package I sent her recently. Now I have to point out I sent her a little bit of fabric and a magazine and she sent me LOADS of this:

So a huge, huge thank you to Hydee for bringing a huge smile to my face.
I'm off to dream about what to make with it!

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