Thursday, 17 April 2014

cooling off

The sun has been out this week so sunglasses and silly faces have been mandatory

The chicken pox are fading and there have been a few baths with oats in. Only when I was trying to pour oats into the foot end of a cut pair of tights I realised that's a really tricky thing to do on your own...

tie the top and chuck it in the bath - very soothing and helps stop dry skin

Good job I'm a resourceful mama!

Live A Colorful Life

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

so fresh and so clean

My husband had the urge to spring clean over the weekend and the downstairs of our house looks much brighter and a bit less cluttered (ignoring my sewing stuff and the kids toys!). It must have been catching because I cleaned up my blog a little... I'm liking the fresher look, it feels like Spring.

Charm About You

This week I got these adorable Rocket Age prints from Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I think these are just so cool and I love the retro look. Rockets and space... obviously my son loves them too! I have to think of something fun to make him, maybe shorts for the Summer?

As a bonus when I ordered I used up some of my reward points. There's a clever computer thingy in the site that works out your reward points when you make a purchase and you can check the points in your account and use them any time. In my book that's basically getting free fabric (or Aurifil, or perle or any other lovely thing in the shop) for buying fabric and it's amazing how quickly those points add up! Head over and take a look, there's lots of fabulous fat quarters, all under £3!

I've been doing some hand quilting, straight lines and circles, on a baby quilt for a friend. I drew round a glass for the circles and it reminded me how annoying drawing on fabric can be. I've tried loads of different pens and methods for marking, when it comes to straight lines nothing beats a hera marker but when I want to draw a circle or pattern I want a pen. Pencils seem to drag so much, the pens that disappear in the air are ok and that blue one that washes off is pretty good but for some reason both make me a bit nervous.

I recently ordered a frixion pen because I know other bloggers have recommended it. I wasn't convinced and still felt nervous but oh how wrong I was! This pen is awesome. It writes so smoothly with no dragging, it's really easy to see on the fabric (I bought a black one) and you just iron the quilt and it vanishes. VANISHES. Even under the perle thread?! I don't really understand (nor do I actually care) how it works, it just DOES! I even scribbled out a line where I'd messed up and it completely disappeared. Hello me drawing loads of embroidery patterns, quilting patterns and whatever else I want not to be permanent. Very clever pen.

Le Challenge

There's a new theme over at le challenge, this month it is NATURE. Are you working on anything that fits the theme or are you inspired to make something new? The link party for finished projects is 15th May. Head over to check it out, there's a random winner every month!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bright arrows - le challenge

The theme at le challenge this month was bright and I decided to use some bright embroidery thread to stitch up this (currently) free pattern from Sublime Stitching.

I did a simple backstitch, satin stitch for the arrowheads and outlined them - a quick but pretty finish. I chose to stitch on Sketch Grey Screen Texture, Timeless Treasures.

I used a bright rainbow of colours but decided not to go in strict colour order because I wanted the green and blues to make up the larger arrows.

To finish the hoop I picked out some selvedges and very simply wrapped them around the outer hoop. I didn't glue or anything, just tucked the ends under and overlapped the next one until I reached the end. I like that I can change it easily if I get bored and want to reuse the hoop.

This is a good way to show off the cute designs you get on selvedges and I will definitely do this again. That's the first little finish off my FAL list.

Now I just have to find a place to hang this baby.

Head over to le challenge to see the other bright sparks!

Le Challenge

Sunday, 13 April 2014

something new, something old and something kawaii!

It totally did. Some lovely neutrals from Plush Addict to add to my rose star quilt and I've got big love for prints like this right now:

I also picked background fabrics from my stash for the English Country Garden BOM. I like the idea of going darker, it's not something I've done before and I've ordered some invisible thread so I can do a 'new to me' style of appliqué. I'm loving Kerry's BOM, check it out for some great all round ideas and advice as well as the beautiful Daisy block this month.

I find stationary just as thrilling as fabric so here's some lovely goodies I picked up with a voucher I had for Asking for Trouble - such a cute shop, the little kawaii characters make me smile!

Molli Sparkles

Saturday, 12 April 2014

My aims to Finish Along for Q2

It's time again to take a look at projects I have in progress and link them up so everyone can give me a good kick up the bum to get them finished!

Roll overs (not in a good lottery kind of way) from Q1:

1. Ottoman - I've said it before and I'll say it again, this tired mama needs something to put her feet up on. Need to prioritise myself and get this done. It's all creased because it's been lying around but it's a great pattern and shouldn't take too long to finish.

2. Star Flower Quilt - It's sad this is getting ignored, the love needs to be reignited.

3. Rose Star Quilt - still probably won't get done but miracles do happen.

4. Butterfly Quilt - still have the last appliqué block to do but so excited to get this one put together and still running a hundred different quilting ideas through my head.

and more WIPs to be done:

5. Baby Quilt - the top is now sewn together so it just needs quilting and binding and all will be revealed next month

6. Poem embroidery - this totally stalled a while ago but I'm hoping the lighter spring days will mean I can get it done (I really need a good daylight lamp!)

7. Bright project for le challenge - link opens on Monday so need to get a shift on!

8. Teeny tiny Liberty hexies - remember those?! I've made three hexie flowers. Driving me a bit mad so might just do one or two more and then think of something to do with them.

9. EPP pincushion - fabrics and pattern picked, a fun little make.

10. Basket for thread - need to sew these little squares and get my thread out of the sad plastic bag they currently reside in.

So that's a bunch of fun things to get finished... providing I don't get sidetracked ;)

Finish Along 2014

Thursday, 10 April 2014

blow an egg

Yes you read that right! Have you seen this? I just had to make eggs for tea and it totally works...

Go on, you know you want to!

Live A Colorful Life

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

just popping in...

because the nasty site Quilt Patterns Pro has been stealing my blog content!
Huge thanks to Molli Sparkles' post and The Bitchy Stitcher for bringing it to my attention.


I've added a footer to my RSS, like so...

Under 'Settings', 'Other' - you can add a little message that will show when you post. Not sure if it'll make a difference but I tried.

I have complained and hope it gets shut down. I won't write more because it'll just be rude words.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

trying to comfort

Both of my gorgeous girlies have chickenpox now :(

Fred is the only one with any energy and has been having fun creating stories and books. This one contains some of his favourite songs!

The smaller one has been enjoying a return to my real 'baby food' - mince, potatoes, carrot and pea mash up - a little comfort.

But probably not as tasty as eating her Great Nan's homemade jam!

By midday they were completely zonked and the majority of the day was spent on the sofa.

I might not be posting so much for a while, obviously I have 2 poorly kids and all 3 at home for the next two weeks. I need to tend to my little chicks x

Friday, 4 April 2014

feeling bright

I haven't been working on my own embroidery much recently so it's always nice to make a custom cushion to keep my needle warm.

I used a bright mix of fun fabrics for this one and backed it in a super soft brushed cotton print I got a while ago. Flannel or brushed cotton?? Pretty sure it's the same thing, what do you say?

That's not the only bright thing going on today because the delectable Molli Sparkles is over at le challenge with a bright tale to share! Head over for a good read.

Le Challenge

And since there's about 10 days until the link opens I better get started on my BRIGHT project, so far I haven't a clue what to make - just goes to show, even the hosts do things last minute! 

Linking up:

at Quokka Quilts this week

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

A toddler's mission

'Hello?... I'm looking cute and creating a mess... can't talk now I've got more toys to play with for 30 seconds before discarding and moving on to the next thing'.

(surveys the room) My work here is done.

Live A Colorful Life

Huge congratulations to my dear friend Erin whose baby girl arrived yesterday! This is what your house will look like ;)