Bear Paw

I'm still loving bear paws! I've made a few more and here's a quick tutorial to show how I'm doing it...
Paw fabric: cut one 5" square and one 5 3/4" square
Background fabric: cut one 5" square and one 3 1/16" square
The reason these measurements are a little 'odd' is because I wanted to make HSTs the easy way and it just was simplest to start with 5" squares for me. It does mean you can use charm squares but beware that you need a bigger square of fabric for the largest part of the paw.
The block will end up (a very random) 8 1/4" but I'm doing a whole quilt of them so it doesn't matter much. It wouldn't be too hard to resize.
Start by putting the 5" squares right sides together and sewing 1/4" around all the edges, then cut on the diagonal both ways so you end up with 4 HSTs. You can find a better explanation here if you've not done this before.

Here's how to assemble the block:

It is basically made of two parts (shown by the dotted white line) that you then sew together.

To make sure the seams match nicely I press the two sections in different directions and butt my seams together:

(I press the seams of the HST blocks towards the 'paw fabric' and press the joining seams open to reduce bulk)

So that's my method. It's worked well so far! Once you've done a couple you can chain piece the different sections. It's a little addictive:

Plum and June