This week our friend Cindy received this 'Circle of Friends' quilt and a cushion that a few of us had secretly been working on.
You can read more about it here or here... really go and have a read they tell the story better than me!

I just wanted to thank everyone who also made blocks and especially Susan for all her hard work putting it together. It was made with love for a very wonderful couple.

photo stolen from Susan

Today I'm working on some paper piecing and am itching to put some stitching on it.

At the same time I'm looking at this on my design wall: 

and thinking up yet another project.

I am not starting it until I've finished other things but I'm having fun working out what I want to do. I mostly follow patterns, I like order and rules, so just creating something is a bit different for me. 

So here's what I want to know: when you start a project what is your process? 
Do you start with fabric, a pattern, an idea? 
How do you follow it through, do you make changes along the way or stick to your plan?

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