I've been joining in the Zakka Along 2.0 making projects from the book Patchwork, Please! by Ayumi Takahashi. This is the one I've been most looking forward to because my gosh we need bibs!!

So here's my first one:

and Lois enjoying wearing it:

Honestly it was a bit annoying, she just wanted to look at and play with the bib rather than eating!! 

But I cracked on and made another...

I've had a lot to do this month so in a stroke of genius I made one I'm calling the 'toffee apple bib' since TOFFEE was this months theme on Le Challenge:

You might notice it's not really toffee, just sort of brown but I didn't have any fabric I would call 'toffee' so let's just ignore that ok?! I also thought it might be cute to zig zag stitch the binding down on the back - I machine stitched the first one and it looked great. The zig zag idea just didn't work as well so don't try that at home! I also contemplated adding a stick at the bottom to make it more 'toffee apple like' but it just seemed impractical.

There is a super cute scrap of fabric on the bottom though, even with a little bee and pot of honey toffee! 
I'm calling it a win and it's another finish off my FAL list.

Head over to Le Challenge to see what everyone else made this month. The next theme is announced tomorrow and if you haven't joined in yet please check it out. 
This would be a great month to get started and it's a super exciting theme!
**brownie points from me if you recognise where the title of this post comes from!**