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Last night I made these fantastic tooth fairy cushions. My son has a couple of friends with birthdays coming up so I thought I'd get them both done at the same time! I was also running low on creativity so I just used the same fabrics for both. So happy with how they turned out though:

I used a pattern from Suzanne at Just Another Hang Up, called Manfred - she has so many cute creations! I love Give a Hoot too.

I've not done very much applique before and this was the first time using bondaweb. I really love the stuff!! Even peeling the paper off was so satisfying!! Suzanne has a great tip to do that easily in her post about how to applique.

Truth be told the birthday boys are a little young to be losing their teeth yet but I'll stick some sweets in the pocket (just to move things a long!!) and I'm sure they'll have fun playing with them anyway.

I've done another English Paper Pieced Rose Star block. I love the growing collection :

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions about the low volume background idea. I think I'm going with it! I'm also going to use one fabric per shape. It's easier for me that way and will help the rose stars be the focus. I've only done a couple of the shapes but you kind of get the idea:

Ok that's possibly not giving you a good idea at all... I'll make some more eventually and show you again. Huge thanks to Erin for sending me some low volume charms and contributing to this quilt without knowing it :)

Yesterday was the best post day I've ever had!!

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Lisa at The Quilt Jam and I got a huge box full of goodies!

I'm thrilled with all of it and especially want to try that Dresden ruler, I do love Dresdens. I'm also working on a Christmas project and that fabric will fit in perfectly! She sent a lovely note and I'm so grateful for her generosity. Thank you so much Lisa :)

I also realised I had NO white thread (I have no black either - what kind of sewing person doesn't have white and black thread?!!) so this arrived just in time to make those tooth fairy cushions!

***Warning...  this part contains some VERY rude swear words / cursing. The offending item will appear below. If you are likely to be offended please stop reading now***

I  also got my gorgeous swap from the very talented Justine as part of the Sailor Mouth Swap. She was so kind to include an amazing array of gorgeous fabrics and the cutest pair of aeroplane safe scissors. I also love the notecard with the gummy bears :)

And the main event is this amazing cushion:

ADORE ADORE ADORE!!! It's brilliant and she used the most perfect fabrics. Also it's a really soft cushion - bonus! I near enough fell over when I opened it. To be honest I'd forgotten I should be expecting something (I've heard people say that about swaps and was like 'yeah right' but it didn't even occur to me!!). I really can't thank you enough Justine, especially since you got it done with so much going on. Thank you!

Obviously Justine has great taste in fabric (and isn't rude at all in real life!!) and she's going to be surrounded in a whole lot more of it since she took over ownership of Simply Solids. I can't wait to see what plans she has for the shop. It's undergoing a redesign open and looking awesome, be sure to go visit and support her! Huge congratulations Justine and thank you again!

Simply Solids

Oh and if the rudeness didn't offend you and you'd be interested in joining the next round of the Sailor Mouth Swap keep an eye on Allegory's blog Sew Allegorical, there are plans underway


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