**Warning this post contains some swearing (cursing if you will) and a "finger" - if you find these things offensive please don't bother reading this post. I considered blanking them out but it sort of defeats the point. You have been warned!**

I've just found out my partner, the lovely Krista, has received her Sailor Mouth Swap goodies so I can go ahead and show you what I made for her...

She said she liked Liberty so I used some scraps I had to make a pouch. I used English Paper Piecing to sew the hexies and sewed a blanket stitch to attach them along with a little hand quilting.

On the other side I used strips of Liberty and then embroidered a reminder to 'keep things organised' ;)

The main swap was this embroidered Johnny Cash hoop:

This took a long time to sew and I wish I'd had more time to add more detail but at the same time I didn't want to over work it. To make the embroidery I found the image I wanted to use then used picassa to play with it so I could get a good outline (I think I changed it to neon). I then traced over the image to outline the main shapes:

It's mostly sewn using backstitch but there's also some satin stitch, French knots and other stitches in there: