I've been busy doing family things as well as sewing whenever I get a chance. I have so many projects on the go it's hard to keep track, I seriously have a million lists right now. I crazily keep adding things I have to make because I love them/want them/need them, I want to try something new or because I need to gift things. I thought I was getting projects checked off but apparently not fast enough.

Anyway I've done some stuff...

All caught up on the How Far Will You Go? QAL:

I also let the little one loose on the scraps and she had fun gluing, talking about colours and making shapes. Fun game when you don't know what to do with those little extra bits!

One more Vintage Holiday QAL block done too:

I'm working on some things I can't show you yet but all in good time... ok maybe just a sneaky peek:

I'm joining in a couple of blog hops next month, click below to learn more! They are both going to be awesome:


Stayed tuned for some great tutorials and projects!

I also joined another Bee, how could I not when it's being run by the fabulous Helen, Nicky and Sheila! There are a wonderful group of women in the Bee, all very talented and inspiring so I'm thrilled to be part of it. It's kicking off in January and, thanks to Nicky (who reminded me I will be giving birth that month) that's my month to chose a block, so thinking cap on and all suggestions welcome! Also really love the premise of the Bee's creation... that it's scrappy and UK based so I can save some pennies :)

Bee a Brit stingy

For spending on loveliness like this glittery Kokka text fabric from Pink Castle Fabrics I got recently (totally blaming Katy and her bloody What's New British/American Pussycat - where she lures us into sales and gorgeous new fabric lines from lovely online shops!!)

But it's so sparkly and pretty... and look it even has a message for me in it!!

Better lay off all those potato cakes, cheese and crisps then. Current craving is for jars of baby puddings... mostly fruit puree ones. Don't even ask, my husband thinks I'm totally bonkers!!

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