Since Rachel so kindly taught me to crochet yesterday and I have the bug!! I'm hoping to make a granny blanket eventually and want to make a random 'patchwork' look. I'm working on different sizes and not really caring - I'm sure I can fudge it together eventually ;)

So last night me and the hook got busy and made a couple more squares:

This is what I have so far (Rachel's is the one on the far right):

My Nan taught me to crochet a long time ago and I never even finished one block, she does a sort of round pattern and I didn't remember a jot of it! So it was fun to learn something new... I do wonder if it's the curse of crafting that you end up doing so many different crafts. When I started sewing I was a bit stubborn about only quilting and making crap for my kids but I think the internet (and blogging friends!) opens up so many possibilities to learn new things and there's so much gorgeous inspiration, it's really hard to stick to one thing.

I came across these pictures and wanted to share a fun activity we did a couple of weekends ago, which may have been the last of the warm sun... those of you in warmer climes with kids might want to give it a try though! The best bit is there's no huge mess to clear up :)

I just put some water in a bowl, added some food colouring and let the kids 'paint' outside:

As a note to myself I want to randomly add that last night (me in PJs, messed up hair, bags under my eyes, the usual bedraggled end of day look) my husband told me how pretty I am. Really pretty, he said and meant it. I love this man so very much!

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