So it literally just dawned on me that I could use the fabric from the Low Volume Swap to piece the background of my Rose Star quilt...

Here's how they look laid out out the background fabric I'd decided on but guess what, I've not made any of the background shapes yet! Serendipitous maybe?!

So I would use the fabrics from the swap for background instead (the shapes I will make are the same as the spaces in between the rose stars as they are laid out here).

Is it going to be too much? I may make one or two and put them next to the rose stars to get an idea but randomly wondered what you all would think.

If I did use the low volume charms would I use one LV charm for each connecting shape so it was the same fabric or 4 different LV fabrics for each shape (hexie and three 1/3 hexies) or a mix?

I'm thinking one of each LV fabric print between each rose star so it's not too too busy but I'm having a hard time visualising. So each shape would be a different LV print.


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