warning this is really, really random explosion of stuff I'm thinking...

- This week I've been working on drawing an embroidery pattern and am anxious to get it right. It's part of a bigger project/tutorial (stay tuned for Donktober!) and I'm enjoying doing and trying something new. In the process I have learnt that kids are my best critics but also have fabulous suggestions!!

- I used to be OCD about cleaning... then I had kids... then I started quilting ;)

- wet cat food is utterly disgusting

- I feel sad when I listen to other's peoples bad taste in music. Sat at a red light recently the guy in the car next to me was playing some awful generic pop/dance track while me and the kids were rocking out to this:

- I have good taste (by that I mean I know what I like for me) and need to trust my judgement more in the things I make.

baby update - I had my scan yesterday and am happy to say the baby looks great and healthy :) I do have to go back at the beginning of October for a diabetes test and to have another scan because I'm measuring so large but I had that last time too so hopefully everything is ok. Even the sonographer was surprised at how much the baby was moving and kicking and it even took a huge yawn, so cute!

- People are judgemental. Especially about pregnancy and births. I intend to have a home birth, I already had two. I'm not being irresponsible - the hospital is ten minutes away. I am not suffering unnecessarily - I don't want a huge needle stuck in my back and would rather have the pain. I will breastfeed my baby - I like doing it, it's healthy and convenient - yes it means people can't help me feed the baby but there's plenty of other things they can do to help!! Feeding is the easy bit! All of these things are my opinion, my choice and my preference. It does not mean I think I'm better than anyone else or that other choices are any 'less', wrong or copping out. If you think that, it's your problem, not mine. Everyone is different and people should except that women should do whatever they want to make themselves feel safe, comfortable, healthy and sane! Giving birth and raising children is not a test or a competition, it's an experience and hopefully we have the chance to make choices... as such we are privileged and I am grateful for that.

- there are some things I should do myself and some that I should let other people do! I can't control everything.

- underwired bras are an instrument of torture. I wish I didn't have to wear them. I will not be wearing them for the rest of my pregnancy or obviously while I'm breastfeeding.

- I am a winter baby. I love winter, summer not so much at all. Good job I live in the UK.

- I'm starting to really prefer hand sewing to machine sewing. I think it's the pace... and the fact I can do it on the sofa ;)

- I am a follower of patterns, I like the structure and order but more and more I'm enjoying just making stuff up and doing my own thing. It's liberating but a bit out of my comfort zone.

- Just when I think I couldn't love my husband more than I do he does or says something even more wonderful and my heart expands.

- I love laughing and intend to do more of it everyday! That and more hugging, it makes you happy!

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