Free motion quilting Christmas Holly and berries

I have been quilting my Vintage Holiday QAL blocks and decided to do a really Christmassy theme for the quilting. Whenever I'm thinking about Christmas (which this year I can't seem to stop thinking about!) I find myself doodling holly. I went with it and after realising how easy it would be to free motion quilt the design, I started:

Try doodling the pattern on paper, see how easy it is! It looks great as an all over pattern but would also work as a filler on a small part of a quilt.

I always struggle with quilting myself into a corner or having to stop and start, what's great is the line in the middle of the leaf and the berries means that you can always move easily in different directions. Occasionally I threw in an extra leaf just to get myself where I needed to go! More than a few times I travelled over the line in the leaf to get back to the berries and move somewhere else - hope that makes sense. Let me know if you try it :) This is the first time I've totally made up a design and it was liberating.

It's also a good way for me to practice doing circles (I'm really not good at them at all) and it felt good to do some fmq again. I've prepared the binding so I should have a finish to share soon. **EDIT - to see my finished Vintage Holiday, click here**

With so many projects on the go my husband has noticed the amount of fabric collecting all over the place, he recently told me the quilts are like Gremlins and keep multiplying! Then today he said our house was starting to look like 'AbaBrennans' in reference to the local 'Abakhan' fabric shop! Not sure whether the joke is funnier than the very fact he now knows what Abakhans is!!

Here's my 80s picture (thank you facebook friend for posting this one!)... I think I'm at a fancy dress party and apparently a sad clown... also pretty sure my mum made that costume!